The White Issue is the first printed magazine of Mimik Magazine and it’s about desolation, emptiness and desire. Emotions everyone experiences but not much people talk about. This issue is an emotional exploration of feelings we’d rather hide.

We had a conversation with artist Eva Lansink. Her etchings and sculptures are inspired by human drives such as sadomasochism and sexual perversions. She attempts to explain that there is no harm in fantasising and feeling free. However, she doesn’t dare to show her work to everyone and employs a pseudonym. ‘The freedom self-censorship provides’ is an intimate interview about expectations, insecurity and feeling trapped.

‘Visible in the background’ is an in-dept interview with Anouk Griffioen about her journey to become freer in her work and more visible as a person. She finds it hard to be the centre of attention. Her works, drawings measuring two metres high, are helping her to do so in spite of herself. Over the years she is less and less inclined to hide.

Photographer Ramon van Dijk shows his loneliness and fears but also his voyeurism and arrogance in his portfolio ‘Romance Noir’. “It’s about me, as always”.

Furthermore: poems, short stories & three fashion editorials we shot ourselves inspired by the solitary, bondage sex and the pain of growing up.

The White Issue is an open-bound booklet within a large fold out poster of the covershoot.

Format: 112 pages
Paper: Revive
Size (CM): 17 x 24

You can buy the magazine here

The White Issue

Servicespublishing, art direction, copywriting, photography

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